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Durbuy, a jewel in a setting of greenery



    • Le 04 décembre 2021

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The walk will start from the heart of the town, through the little cobbled streets whose charm is genuine, and it will enable you to discover the story of the smallest town in the world which is washed by a meander of the Ourthe. Durbuy is built around its castle that dates back to the XIth century and that is perched in a rock hill and it has succeeded keeping its Middleage characteristic still developping its tourist appeal.
After having had lunch in a little local brewery (not included in the price and having a picnic is not allowed inside the brewery), you will go to Wéris. This little village, that is located a few kilometrers away from Durbuy, is reputated for its sites of megaliths. The walk in the surrounding countryside will enable you to discover several dolmens and menhirs and also megalithic stones alignments that date back to the 3rd millenium BC. You will discover the part and the meaning of these pudding stone rocks and also the legends that are linked to them. You will also have several landscapes in front of you during this walk at the border of the Ardennes and the Famenne.


10:00-17:00. Price: 11 €/ad. – 5 €/chil. (12-18 years) – Free for children aged -12 years. This walk is long 6 km, with no special diffucultu and it will be guided by Dominique Ludwig, a nature guided who has a passion for mammals. Registration required (group of 5 up to 15 pers.). Come with clothes that fit the weather, walking shoes, binoculars, some food and drinks.