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Exhibition « Déformes & Couleurs : Picon, Gangolf, Lucas »


  • Address of the event : Durbuy
  • Address of the contact person : rue Comte Théodule d'Ursel 6940 21 Durbuy , belgique
  • Phone : +32(0)86 43 47 95
  • E-mail :


    • 19 juin 2021
    • 22 juin 2021

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Open 7 days per week during the holidays period (during the week 13h – 17h / weekends 13h – 18h). Outside the holidays period, open from Fridays till Mondays (during the week 13h – 17h / weekends 13h – 18h) //// Prices : 5€ / 3€ senior and students \\

main description

The Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain in Durbuy presents the exhibition « Déformes & Couleurs : Picon, Gangolf, Lucas » from April 4 till July 25

additional description

The Durbuy Contemporary and Modern Art Museum receives 3 artists with powerful universes in its historical walls of the Halle aux blés.

José Picon and abstraction

It is difficult to talk about José Picon’s work because her painting is so intuitive and personal. With her, nothing is made, all comes from her deepest herself. She doesn’t care about fashions, trends, she knows what she does, or rather she lives what she does with whatever is painful, heartbreaking, but also miraculous, marvelous. Each canvas does express the blow of a life that comes from herself, a victory against life, a moment of happiness.

José Picon was born in Liège on December 25 1921 and she died in 2011. She did mainly exhibit in Germany and in the Netherlands. Her canvasses deal about her in many private collections, in England, in the United States, in Italy, in Germany, in France and even in Belgium.

She got a great number of awards and she took part to a great number of exhibitions besides the greatest masters. Why isn’t she more known or famous ? Maybe because she didn’t worried that much about that, as she was sure of herself, in compliance with herself, maybe also because she was a woman, a mother and a grand-mother.

She is nonetheless one of the main figures of abstract art, a great lady of painting, a great painter.

Serge Gangolf, Master sculptor
Besides José Picon, you will find Serge Gangolf, a sculptor whose fame is international. You didn’t know it, but the whole of you did already walk past one of his works. The sculptures in the roundabouts in Marche-en-Famenne are part of his work.
« With Serge Gangolf, whatever material he works, even snow, we are in a space in which geometry comes out from the school books for surprizing the notion of volume but also the look we take on it. It is at that moment we musn’t make a confusion between volume and dimension. We can indeed say that any scupture made by Serge Gangolf is monumental, even if it measures only twenty or thirty centimeters.» (Albert MOXHET).

Besides these 2 artists, you will find a selection of works by Marcel Lucas richly coloured, echoing José Picon.